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The Worlds Most Natural plant food

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  Alpaca Grow is a small family owned and operated business based in beautiful Vermont.  Established in 2014 we have been dedicated to creating a product as natural as nature itself. We are producing, through a special process, the finest plant food from our alpaca manure. Alpaca manure is a balanced feed that is organic and contains minerals that other plant foods do not have. Unlike other plant foods, Alpaca Grow does not burn your plants. 

We are getting great results all across the country in all growing climates.

 Our focus is on the best possible way to bring farmers and gardeners a natural and organic plant food.


 From our farm, to your garden, to your table.

Whether you are growing trees, grass, shrubs or vegetbles,


How we became aware of alpaca manure as a great plant food was where ever the alpaca pooped the grass was growing greener with no weeds. So we began using it on our gardens. Vegetables and flowers were soaring in growth and healthiness. We used it on our house plants and we had the same results. It is because of the three chambered stomach of the alpaca, that their digestive process is so thorough that organic seeds were non existent in the poop. It was 100% composed of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Not to mention all the minerals which help your plants thrive in all growing climates.

About Us


Alpaca Grow is naturally organic with NO added manufactured chemicals-just mother earth and the eco-friendly North American Alpaca.

Grow BIGGER more BEAUTIFUL plant!

It continuously feeds the plants which promotes quick and beautiful results. Unlike other fertilizers Alpaca Grow has a great balance of nutrients that plants need to thrive. Great for organic gardening, organic farming, house plants and more!

Freeze Dried Alpaca Manure


The only balanced plant food you need for year round use. It is all in the minerals. Alpaca Grow has a great balance of zinc, iron, copper and cobalt.

About Alpaca Grow

Alpaca Grow

Alpaca Grow uses a unique process to bring you a great  alpaca manure that is a natural organic plant food and soil conditioner.  Alpacas are one of natures composters as their manure can be placed directly on and around even the most delicate plants.

Alpaca plant food is lower in nitrogen and phosphorus, than most livestock manure, which creates a rich soil conditioner that helps retain water.

It continuously feeds the plants as it can be mixed in with the soil or placed around the plants.

Promotes the growth of microorganisms.


Alpaca plant food added to pastures helps to loosen clay soils and harden sandy soils.

It is safe for all plants - Trees, Flowers, Vegetables, shrubs, and grass.


Mix Alpaca Grow with water in a spray bottle, watering can or with a hose sprayer.

2 teaspoons added to 16oz of water

4 Tablespoons added to 1 gallon of water

2 oz makes 2.5 gallons

4.5 oz makes 5 gallons

The breakdown

Guaranteed Analysis

 Total Nitrogen (N)........................... 1.7%
    Water soluble nitrogen......... 0.34%
    Water Insoluble Nitrogen.....1.36%   
Available Phosphate (P2O5)....... 1.8%
Soluble Potash (K2O)....................  0.7%
Calcium (Ca)................................... 2.25%
Magnesium (Mg).........................  0.89%
Cobalt (Co)................................  0.0005%
Iron (Fe)............................................ 1.44%
Manganese (Mn)..........................  0.05%

A great source of macro and micro nutrients.

NITROGEN enhances stem and leaf growth

PHOSPHORUS contributes to flower, fruit and seed production and root growth.

POTASSIUM ensures general vigor; helps plants resist disease.

IRON is best for promoting early flowering.

COBALT is critical for healthy bud development.

ZINC increases plant height, number of branches, and  flower life and yield.

1.7  -  1.8  -  0.7

 N - P2O5 - K2O

Derived from: Alpaca Manure


Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at http://www.aapfco.org/metals.html

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Here is the proof that Alpaca Grow Works.  After 3 weeks of applying Alpaca Grow to the front Camellia plants in the front, I added the fertilizer to the last 2 plants while leaving the middle plant without any Alpaca Grow.  They ALL BLOOMED except for the middle plant so it shows that the environment was not any issue with the growth and the blooming——it was the Alpaca Grow that did the trick.

Without Alpaca Grow

Not only are the colors really vibrant, they are outgrowing the plant that I did not put Alpaca Grow on. This is absolutely incredible growth in just 3 weeks.

With Alpaca Grow

 These are the same 30 year old shrubs in the exact same 

area and you can really see the difference.  This stuff works!

From John in Hawaii

 Can you tell which one has the Alpaca Grow, and which one does not? The color and size of the flowers are amazing!!!

 Alpaca Grow Works!

Rick's Strawberry Patch

 Here ya go!
Less than 2 weeks of using Alpaca Grow and look at those berries on the left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ones on the right were also fertilizer with a fish based organic fertilizer.
Healthier plants and bigger sweeter berries!!  Better color as well!


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